At WTC Rotterdam, we feel very strongly about sustainability efforts. Read about how we contribute to our neighbourhood and a better environment.

Sustainable working and relaxing at WTC Rotterdam

Always looking forward, WTC Rotterdam devotes considerable attention to sustainability. It goes without saying that we want to create a good living and working environment, but we also consider the future in everything we do. We were awarded the BREAAM-NL In-Use Very Good certification in 2019. Sustainability is incorporated into our building where possible. That’s because we feel strongly about a healthy planet, one that we can pass on to future generations with pride. How do we contribute to this? Read on.


At WTC Rotterdam, our sanitary facilities are water-efficient. Both our toilets and taps use a minimum of water.


The condition of the entire WTC Rotterdam complex is examined closely every three years. An independent inspector checks both the structural and technical condition. This ensures effective management and maintenance and the possibility to remedy any aging problems and other disorders immediately.


We separate our waste into no fewer than four different flows. This results in more effective recycling and limits our impact on the environment.

farming and ecology

We aim to have a positive effect on the flora and fauna in and around WTC Rotterdam. That is why we have built various nesting places for swifts and bats on the roof of the high-rise.


Various renovation work is currently taking place at WTC Rotterdam. One of our goals is to improve the indoor climate. That is why Climate Class A has been achieved in the high-rise and, within the near future, the Meent Offices and Coolsingel Offices will all have a Climate Class B indoor climate. This includes as much possible daylight and fresh air and active prevention of the emission of harmful substances. We have also created various areas to relax and most of the working areas have unobstructed views. Every year, we hold a tenant satisfaction survey, since we feel very strongly about our tenants feeling healthy and comfortable in WTC Rotterdam.


Together with Simaxx, we launched a pilot in 2017 that entailed a close examination of energy consumption at WTC Rotterdam. We have used the results to optimise energy use through the active monitoring of the functioning of our installations. This enables us to continuously improve the indoor climate of WTC Rotterdam and reduce energy use. We heat and cool the building using a hot and cold storage system in the ground. In addition, all electricity used is certified ‘green power’. Finally, our car park was recently renovated with LED lighting.


WTC Rotterdam is very easy to reach by public transport. We encourage the use of public transport by displaying the departure times for metros and trains and sharing traffic jam updates in the main hall of WTC Rotterdam. In our car park, you’ll find electric charging stations because we also encourage the use of electric vehicles. Excellent facilities for cyclists can also be found at WTC Rotterdam.


We believe you achieve the best results through teamwork. That is why we continuously coordinate and update our sustainability goals and ambitions together with the tenants of WTC Rotterdam. Together we achieve more.