'de koffiesalon' officially opens today at WTC Rotterdam

Free cake for all visitors to Rotterdam’s new coffee hotspot

A new branch of de koffiesalon – written in small letters – opens this morning at the World Trade Center Rotterdam. In Rotterdam’s business lounge, coffee lovers can now enjoy a cup of pure artisanal Buscaglione Espresso coffee, de koffiesalon’s partner. To celebrate the opening, the new coffee hotspot will welcome its visitors with a slice of cake with their cup of coffee. de koffiesalon is located in the partially renovated entrance hall, immediately next to the main entrance adjacent to the new Business Center which will open its business rooms and flexible working spaces later this year.

Left to right: Anton Willemars (Director Buscaglione), Georgia Barrett (de koffiesalon Manager), Diederik Habbema (owner de koffiesalon) and Eveline Steenbergen (Managing Director WTC Rotterdam). Photo: Gerrit Vermeulen

Diederik Habbema, owner of de koffiesalon says that “We aim to serve the best coffee in the Netherlands every day. It was a huge compliment when an international jury chose us as the best coffee maker of the Netherlands. The icing on the cake is that we are now opening a new branch in this wonderful building in the heart of Rotterdam, along with our six branches in Amsterdam.”

Managing Director, Eveline Steenbergen is delighted: “Now that de koffiesalon is open, we are another step closer to achieving WTC Rotterdam’s master plan. Visitors are not only here for work, but also to meet up and relax with a good cup of coffee. That creates a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere that the building, with its history and potential, more than deserves.”

About World Trade Center Rotterdam

The World Trade Center Rotterdam, in the bustling Rotterdam city center, has been the property of Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Office Fund since 2015. The former Beursgebouw (stock exchange) is a historical monument and the complex’s total floor surface area is 76,000 m². WTC Rotterdam is a member of the World Trade Centers Association and houses more than 250 tenants. Apart from providing businesses with state-of-the-art office space, the building is widely recognized for its high quality facilities such as a convention center, the WTC Rotterdam Business Center (flexible working spaces), Business Services, garages, Business Club, shops, hospitality facilities and an Art Gallery. WTC Rotterdam collaborates with various partners in the area of international business and the international World Trade Center network.

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