Interparking locates its Netherlands headquarters at WTC Rotterdam

It was officially made known today that Interparking will move its Netherlands office to WTC Rotterdam. Interparking is the main mobility partner in the area of management, operation and development of customer-friendly parking facilities. With 811 garages in nine countries in Europe, the company has expanded into one of Europe’s most successful operators of public parking facilities. Its parking facilities are used by more than 110 million drivers every year. Interparking will move to WTC Rotterdam in mid-May, occupying a completely renovated office space of more than 1,000 m². Eveline Steenbergen, Managing Director WTC Rotterdam says that “WTC Rotterdam is currently being made ready for the future and is being turned into the business hotspot of Rotterdam. We are enormously proud that a major player like Interparking chose to locate its headquarters at WTC Rotterdam at this early phase of our renovation. In doing so, like us, it is anticipating future developments.”

From left to right: Mark van den Heuvel (De Mik Bedrijfshuisvesting), Martijn Dijkstra (JLL), Eveline Steenbergen (Managing Director WTC Rotterdam), Rolf Oostendorp (CEO Interparking) and Jan-Willem Kos (Bouwinvest). Photo: WTC Rotterdam.

Quality, mobility and sustainability

Rolf Oostendorp, CEO of Interparking: “We chose WTC Rotterdam for several reasons. We wanted to locate in a central, lively location in the center of town. WTC Rotterdam’s international character and appearance fits our company. We also have a great view from our office over our flagship car parking garage at the Markthal, a short distance away. With its renovations, sustainability and new facilities, WTC Rotterdam is the perfect location for our head office.”

Interparking’s vision of sustainability in the future seamlessly fits that of WTC Rotterdam. Interparking Nederland has been completely CO2 neutral since 2013 and is keeping pace with the growth in energy efficient vehicles by supplying charging points for electric cars and giving a discount to environmentally friendly cars through its Eco Parking scheme. Sustainability was one of the reasons that Interparking chose WTC Rotterdam which is currently being renovated and made future proof. On behalf of the owner, the real estate agent JLL was responsible for arranging the rental. De Mik Bedrijfshuisvesting represented the interests of Interparking.

Renovations according to the master plan

WTC Rotterdam’s master plan, that includes a major renovation and increased sustainability, is bearing fruit. After the entirely renovated Business Center opened in November 2018 with a good 180 new tenants, many large office spaces are ready for occupancy. This also includes the 1,000 m² office space in the high-rise into which Interparking will move in May.

About Interparking

Interparking is Europe’s pioneer in parking. Since its founding in 1956, it has grown into one of Europe’s most successful operators of public parking facilities. The Interparking Group, which is part of AG Real Estate and Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), manages a good 811 car parking garages in nine countries in Europe. Its facilities are used by more than 110 million drivers. Interparking operates two garages in Rotterdam, one next to the Markthal and one on the Lijnbaan. It also manages seven other garages in the city. Interparking strives for high quality parking facilities. Its 187 European Standard Parking Awards (ESPA) testify to the quality of its products and services.

About World Trade Center Rotterdam

The World Trade Center Rotterdam, in the bustling Rotterdam city center, has been the property of Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Office Fund since 2015. The former Beursgebouw (stock exchange) is a historical monument and the complex’s total floor surface area is 76,000 m². WTC Rotterdam is a member of the World Trade Centers Association and houses more than 250 tenants. Apart from providing businesses with state-of-the-art office space, the building is widely recognized for its high quality facilities such as a convention center, the WTC Rotterdam Business Center (flexible working spaces), Business Services, garages, Business Club, shops, hospitality facilities and an Art Gallery. A hotel and a gym will soon be added to its facilities. WTC Rotterdam collaborates with various partners in the area of international business and the international World Trade Center network. 

The latest news

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Facade renovation marks the start of visible renovation of the WTC Rotterdam

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