Rooftops of Rotterdam opens with a special act at WTC Rotterdam

The highest tower of World Trade Center Rotterdam is the starting point of highliner Yuri Rhodenborgh on Saturday 1 June at 12:00. Walking over a cable of 2 cm wide, he will cross the Koopgoot in the direction of the Schieland tower at more than 100 meters. From the shopping area between Rodezand and Korte Hoogstraat, the stunt is best viewed from the ground. This opening act of the Rooftops of Rotterdam is part of an extensive program at the WTC Rotterdam office complex, including a life-size maze in the parking garage above Hudson’s Bay.

Rooftops of Rotterdam open

With this crossing, the Rooftops of Rotterdam festival officially opens its 20 "open roofs". On Saturday 1 June and Sunday 2 June visitors with a Dakpas (€ 8.50) can visit the open roofs freely. With tours and specials (events on roofs) included, a total of 65 roofs are part of the festival during the Ascension weekend. Including four roofs in Schiedam.

Maze on the roof

One of the 20 ‘open roofs’ is the parking garage at Rodezand (above Hudson’s Bay). On this parking roof, part of the WTC Rotterdam office complex, a life-size bamboo maze is being built especially for the festival. Visitors must find their way to a number of points overlooking the city between the walls of 2.15 m high.

Rooftops of Rotterdam takes place from May 31 to June 2, 2019. The Dakpas (€ 8.50) and tickets for tours and specials of Rooftops of Rotterdam can be purchased on

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