WTC Rotterdam introduces WTC Community

Happen to have questions or a facility request? Or news about your company that you are keen to share with other WTC tenants? Then you need WTC Community, WTC Rotterdam’s newly available digital platform for internal communications that brings together tenants, the WTC team, the Service Desk, and Business Services. With WTC Community, you and your colleagues will effortlessly stay in the know & on top of things! Download the app from the Play Store or App store by searching for ‘WTC Community’.

Just so you know: when you activate your account, it’s not just you who’ll benefit from finding all WTC services, messages, and contacts under one digital roof. Through you, your colleagues will be able to get user accounts and access to the Community, too! That’s because you were appointed admin officer, meaning that within your business, only you have the permissions necessary to add colleagues to the WTC Community. No worries if you have a colleague who’s better suited for this admin role: you can transfer it in an instant once you’re logged in.

Also, WTC Community will be automatically linked to the new WTC Rotterdam website. In other words, more exposure for your business! Please do log in to WTC Community and take a moment to check whether your business information and logo is still up-to-date and complete. In case you prefer to not have your business included on the new website, you can indicate that on the Community pages, too.

Let’s do business the easy way… See you soon at WTC Community!

PS: Do you have any questions about the WTC Community? Please contact 

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