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We offer flexible working spaces and offices of up to 85 m² to start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses. This includes 24/7 access and receptionists during business hours.

Office space for small and medium-sized businesses for lease at WTC Rotterdam

If you are a small or medium-sized business or start-up looking for a place for your company to call home, look no further than WTC Rotterdam. We offer a wide range of high-quality flexible workspaces and offices of up to 85 m² in our Business Center.
Our office spaces reflect the high standards of our clients and are equipped with all modern conveniences. In addition to the rented space, you can also use our professional working and/or meeting facility.

If you want to take out a membership with several parties, then you will get a generous discount. With the Business Spot Unlimited membership, you will also always have a workplace available to you at WTC The Hague.

  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Receptionists present during business hours
  • Always plenty of parking
  • Work space at WTC The Hague with Business Spot Unlimited membership
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Jeroen Redder
Jeroen Redder


meeting rooms

  • For 1 to 25 people
  • Choice of 3 different rooms
  • Tenants receive a discount
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Convention Center

  • For 1 to 1000 people
  • Rooms can be arranged to size
  • Luxury conference center
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A few words from our tenants

PSA Financials

“What we like about WTC Rotterdam is that you have your own office but at the same time are always among other entrepreneurs and businesses. The atmosphere and structure of the WTC Rotterdam is very open and welcoming so you make contacts very easily. Businesses also regularly refer others to each other and you have the opportunity to tap into each other’s expertise. Apart from the service-oriented workspace with its pleasant atmosphere, good accessibility and fast internet connection, doing business at WTC Rotterdam also ensures that your company’s name recognition increases, both among other businesses and among potential clients.”

Perry Asmowidjojo Owner - PSA Financials
“The professional reception, good accessibility, flexible meeting rooms and friendly people make WTC Rotterdam a great place for MAX HRM to set up business. We can respond quickly here and concentrate on expanding our business. We collaborate with various entities, including the government, and can facilitate Chinese companies to establish themselves in the Netherlands. We then help them grow. WTC Rotterdam is the perfect place to achieve our goals. We can breathe here and we can grow together. WTC Rotterdam is more than just an office block.”
Jasmine Chang Owner - MAX HRM
Quintis Ristie

“My welcome here at WTC Rotterdam – which included flowers and a cake – was so warm that I knew straightaway that I was in the right place. And when you start working here, you discover that it is indeed a great place. WTC Rotterdam offers easy access to your peers and you quickly develop professional sounding boards. The open spaces, open atmosphere and the shared coffee areas help this a lot. Our floor manager, Jeroen Redder, who knows everybody and is a great connector, plays an important role in this. For me, WTC Rotterdam is a stimulating and informal place with opportunities for growth for those entrepreneurs who aspire to this.”

Quintis Ristie Owner - Quintis Ristie

“A few years ago I came up with the idea to digitize receipts. It literally started with an idea and because I do not have a technical background, I had to do a lot of research first. I felt that I needed a place that would inspire me and I found it after a long search. I met the then Director of the Business Center, Frank Coomans, which was then called WTConnect. I came for an initial meeting and did not even have an email address and was not registered at the Chamber of Commerce. In fact, I turned up for the meeting empty handed. Frank offered me the chance of starting here and that’s when the ball started rolling – to such an extent that a few years later Frank became an investor.”

Mo Radjab Owner - MijnKassabon

“WTC Rotterdam feels like coming home. I worked here before for a different company and have now located my own company, AIPEX, in this historic building. AIPEX is a joint venture between patent and brand agencies in the most important countries in Europe. We wanted a reputable place for the company that also fits our market and positioning. WTC Rotterdam both meets these criteria and has a no nonsense mentality and international orientation. Another other aspect that makes WTC Rotterdam stand out, in my eyes, is that it is very centrally located. Its combination of shops, hospitality and other companies creates a pleasant leisure and professional atmosphere.”

Frank Reijnen Owner - AIPEX
WE VAT Solutions

“WTC Rotterdam’s international atmosphere was what initially attracted us to rent a co-working space in the Business Center. Our company has grown over the years and we started to need a private space to make phone calls and have meetings. At a certain point we needed to expand and to move to our own office space. We were pleased that WTC Rotterdam helped us think through the situation and we ultimately rented a Business Room. It was so easy as you do not have to move elsewhere if you move within the WTC Rotterdam. And we could also still benefit from the WTC network, the international orientation, the central location and the Business Services.”

Winnie Fung Owner - WE VAT Solutions

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